In the post you’re about to make, replace cis/white/hetero/male people with the Jews and if the result sounds like something that could be straight out of Mein Kampf, you should probably reconsider your social justice blogging habits.


when you’re lying and ur bestfriends backs u up



White people be like ..

I’m a hologram from the future


Let it be known that my current highest number of selfie notes is 2

I’m a hologram from the future

White people are crazy

I change my mind we rock

White people are crazy
4 real alien punk promo


ok so the last 2 promos i meant to do ive either forgotten or been too busy to get done so idk lets do a small one that i will end today so i will actually remember it eyyy. no categories ill just pick like the 10-15 blogs i like the best also mbf, likes dont count and this needs to get a bunch of notes


people on tumblr r so sensitive they all be like